Style highlights:
- simple, useful projects without decoration,
- using industrial materials such as steel, glass,
- regular and modularised architecture, the asymmetry plan of building,
- horizontally arranged windows forming a network,
- wall paintings and paintings are the main decoration in the interior,
- sculptural forms.


International Style is the trend of the modernist architecture, which developed in the 30′s and lasted until the late 70′s. This term was for the first time used at an exhibition in MoMA in New York in 1932 by Philip Johnson and Henry-Russell Hitchcock to determine minimalist and functional trend in architecture. It consisted of representatives of the Bauhaus such as for example Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who emigrated to the United States after dissolving their school in Germany. The creators of this style suggested the internationalisation of architecture and in the same time the isolation from native patterns, therefore they were creating a very simple forms of projects.

International Style became a symbol of American capitalism. High skyscrapers were built, mostly made of glass and steel, they were designing office space without any decorations. Aesthetic aspects were especially important. It was believed that architecture should be regular, interiors severe, but enriched with wall painting, emphasizing the character of the place. The walls were covered with a smooth planes with the regular texture. They were covered mainly with wooden facings, ceramic or glass tiles. Authors focussed on the external appearance of buildings and its expression. Architecture was supposed to cause the impression of lightness, however using such materials as reinforced concrete or brick, in spite of great spaces fitted with glass gave them different character.

This style was characterized mainly by applying simplified forms, rejecting ornaments, adopting glass, stood or concrete in projects. Designers were caring about aesthetics and the functionality of designed products and spaces.

Marcel Breuer, Gordon Bunshaft, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Philip Johnson, Richard Neutra, Mart Stam,Victor Horta and Henry van de Velde, Otto Wagner and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, Hans Scharoun,Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

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LOVE this house! Oh my wow. That would be amazing to live there. I aelsoutbly adore modern/contemporary designs like this. Wowowowow. I will be dreaming this house tonight.Much love,Trissta

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