Style highlights:
- copying art icons,
- presenting people in dramatic poses,
- appearing motives of  atomic bombs, aeroplanes,
- exaggerated use of decorations, ornaments,
- aerodynamic and kidney shapes,
- exceeding principles of the functionality in the kitschy object, collecting different functions in one object,
- impact on many senses in the same time,
- avoiding everything that is difficult and inconvenient.

american kitsch

American kitsch otherwise known as Golden 50s, can be described as a trend in which the decorative crap was dominating. It was expressing the lack of taste. Graphics were presenting people in dynamic poses, that were having exaggerated facial expression. Nuclear war was a main motive of this movement and there also appeared futuristic, cosmic elements. Artists were using unusual colours. Kitsch was often described as too sentimental, vulgar and pretentious, but it was definitely an expression of bad taste.

There were often used curved lines, kidney-shaped, aerodynamical forms in  kitschy works of art. Air travel, nuclear war were the main topics of American kitsch, therefore  so many household products, cars, phones had streamlined, aerodynamic shapes. Atomic bomb became the main subject of posters, advertisements and was used wherever could affect on the sale of  products.

Kitsch had as many opponents as supporters. Critics believed that the kitschy works of art were expression of lack of creativity and originality. They claimed that kitsch was killing and pillaging the art from taste. In the other hand, the supporters recognized the need for kitsch, by maintained that when the art will be threatened by kitsch it will be fighting with it and in the same time developing. Furthermore, the kitsch art is essential because by imitating the art influence on strengthening the art in the viewers awareness.

The American kitsch is being regarded as the worthless imitating of precious values. Icons of the culture were on purpose used for the mass production of objects, which were unoriginal and devoid of taste. Works of arts are pretentious, shallow and made with splendour. The kitsch was flattering the masses. It was considered that people were buying kitschy products, which were universal not to shock their guests. Kitsch was a kind of polite and calm false inducing people to accept their life situation. Kitsch is definitely a controversial topic, because what is kitsch for some people, for others it might be considered as a valuable piece of art.

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