We are surrounded with design objects, we usually use them every day. Whether do we realize in what way did their development take place? What inspired their authors? From what period did they take inspiration from? It will be soon 200 years since when the design started dynamically entering our civilization, therefore I am inviting you to get acquainted with material which will lead you into world of the design. You will learn the history of the design from Victorian times, through among Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Pop art, till the contemporary design. Described styles were not only reflected in the industrial design, but also they alternated with styles in architecture or graphic. I hope, that design trends described by me, will encourage you to look on products in your surroundings, home from other perspective

Mainstreams in the design:
-    Victorian style,
-    Arts & Crafts,
-    Art. Nouveau,
-    Modernism,
-    Bauhaus,
-    American kitsch (golden years in US),
-    Art Deco,
-    Streamline,
-    the International style and the Swiss style,
-    Pop art, Op art and Space age,
-    Post-industrialism and High tech,
-    contemporary design: Scandinavian style, Organic design, Post-modernism, Deconstructivism.

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