Do you really want to find out sth about me?

Seeing that you are still reading, I will tell you the secret why I have decided to create thios web-site. When I was a child I did liked puzzles. So after graduating finance studies, I knew that something was missing in my life puzzle. That is why I decided on post-graduate studies in the field of Design Management and graphics design studies. I am professionally dealing with marketing, project and product management for over eight years, and due to the fact that I like to share the knowledge, I decided to create this web-site. If you are interested in the world of the design as well as marketing and management, I hope that you will find here something that will interests you and what you will use both at work as well as in private life.

If any of my articles intrigued you, or if you want to cooperate with me, or just post your work on the web-site, send me an e-mail, I won’t leave it without any respond.

Talking more about me, you can meet me rollerblading all around Warsaw, at cinema, in museum or concert, reading a book in the park or traveling in Poland and other parts of the world. So see you soon!

Best regards,