Toya design founded by Thomas Wojtkowiak is an architectural and design agency with years of experience on the Polish market.

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“Mirrors” Installation (photo. )

Agency specializes in architectural projects and exhibitions , but also has “Mirror” installation in its portfolio. In mirrors , located in PR Passage Zone ” New World ” in Poznań, you can notice reflections of modern building, that are making this place more magical.

Architecture, Designers, Design

New on column home (photo. )

An interesting concept design made by Toya Design is “New on column Home”, that combines tradition and in the same time modernity. The house emphasizes the beauty of the historical regional architecture. It is remarkable that it can be freely developed according to the needs of its users.

Architecture, Designers, Design

CK Castle in Poznań (photo. )

Toya design put its name down in history thanks to the expansion of CK Castle in Poznań. The building was renovated and enriched with modern architecture. Below you can find other interesting Toyas’ design projects, that can inspire you.

Architecture, Designers, Design

Mosaica Restaurant (photo. )

Architecture, Designers, Design

The exposition of Polish Copper Promotion Centre (photo. )

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there are softwares that you could learn how to desgin or build your own home.. I’m not familiar with Dwell mag.. in SIMSONLINE..we used to desgin and build all kinds of homes, shops, for fun and learning ..sounds funny but there is contest for most artistic and unique desgins….hope you desgin and build soon your future home.

19 July 2015 22:33

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