BabaAkcja is a design group, formed by Klementyna Jankiewicz, Monika Ostaszewska, Zosia Konarska. Designers refer strengths of the femininity in their works and take care about ergonomics and innovative design. One of such project is the tins to make mud pie in the shape of women’s breasts that can be interesting not only for children.

BabkaAkcja, Designers, Design, CD, Woman, Lamp

Foremka do piasku (photo.

Designers create together since 2006. They met at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. They are playing the main role in a book “Discovering Women in Polish Design: Interviews & Conversations.”

BabkaAkcja, Designers, Design, CD, Woman, Lamp

Sophia Lamp (photo.

Sophia Lamp certainly can help every woman to arrange thousands of women’s earrings.

BabkaAkcja, Designers, Design, CD, Woman, Lamp

CD (photo.

Very popular project is CD-Rom in new shapes such as for example a floppy disk or a computer virus.

Selected awards and distinctions:
2009 – ” Brand of the Year in Podlasie “, Bialystok (award)
2008 – “National Student Packaging Design Competition – PakStar”, Warsaw (1-st prize)
2008 – “World Star Packaging Awards”, Tunisia (distinction)
2008 – “2in1″competition, organized by Vox Industrie SA, Poznan (1-st prize)
2007 – “Nokia Only Planet”, Warsaw (distinction)
2007 – Scholarship Competition TVP SA “Creative Valley: Design”, Warsaw (2-nd prize)
2005 – “Young Package”, Brno, Czech Republic (distinction)
2005 – “Prodeco”, Elle Decoration, Warsaw (distinction)

BabkaAkcja, Projektanci, Dizajn,, Design, CD, Woman

Melting Buttons (photo.

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