Kubagon this is a innovative pending joinery system designed by JJ Gontarczyk, as well as name of the company designing furniture characterized simplicity, logic and precision.

Kubagon, Designers, Design, Furniture

Star table (photo. www.kubagon.com)

Projects are made of precious lumber such as ebony and rosewood and combines them with domestic hard wood.

Kubagon, Designers, Design, Furniture

New York Skyscraper chairs (photo. www.kubagon.com)

JJ Gontarczyk graduated Architecture and Industrial Design at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Right now he live and works in New York.

Kubagon, Designers, Design, Furniture

Galaxy chair (photo. www.kubagon.com)

2008 | Metropolitan Home Open House, New York
2007 | International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), New York
1987 | Jewelry exhibition, Red Jungle, New York
1987 | Skyscraper Chairs, Barney’s NY
1981 | Ceramic exhibition, Wiesbaden, RFN
1978 | Grupa Winnetou, MDM Galery MDM, Warsaw
1978 | Jewelry exhibition, Stara Kordegarda, Warsaw

Kubagon, Designers, Design, Furniture

Buddha lamp (photo. www.kubagon.com)

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