“Two People” Studio was created on the initiative of Bernadetta Głogowska and Tomasz Magusia. They design original products inspired by the Orient and folk art.

Two People, Ceramics, Designers

Kyoto (photo www.twopeople.pl)

Designers are playing with their projects and they want to surprise you with the form and decoration. They are combining ceramics with wood, felt and stainless steel.

Two People, Ceramics, Designers

Black Rooster (photo www.twopeople.pl)

Bernadette Głogowska and Thomas Magusiak graduated Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in the Department of Ceramics and Glass.

Two People, Ceramics, Designers

Golden Life (photo www.twopeople.pl)

2002 | DESIGN OF YOUNG, IWP, Warsaw
2002 | Ceramic Garden of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Łódź, Wałbrzych, Opatówek
2002 | The exhibition at the Polish Institute, Budapest, Hungary
2001 | CERAMICS of YOUNG, Castle Gallery, Lublin
2001 | Exhibition of glass, ceramics and graphic artists Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, Interior Gallery, Poznan

Two People, Ceramics, Designers

Folk (photo www.twopeople.pl)

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