Protein Design is a brand founded by Katarzyna Herman-Janiec in May 2007. Protein Design is focused on contemporary design and interiors.  In her projects we can often observe folk patterns.

Folk, Protein Design

Zako NEW! (photo.

Katarzyna Herman-Janiec  graduated  Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland
(Interior Design Department).

Selected awards:
2005 – 5th International Furniture Design Competition, organized by Hettich International (,
2005 | Honorable mention at the Furniture Design Competition organized by Nowy Styl Group (,

Folk, Protein Design

Pleciaki (photo.

One of the interesting project is PLECIAK made of old newspapers. This ecological object have many functions, it can be storage for toys as well  as the stool. Each Pleciak has cushion inspired by folk.

Folk, Protein Design

Toy-Box (photo.

Toy-Box is a box that can be a toy in itself or just a simple storage for children`s things. Depending on one`s needs it can be a simple toy-cube or expandable storage.

Folk, Protein Design

SHE! lamp (photo.

Another project: SHE Lamp was inspired by the traditional dress from the Łowicz region of Poland. It can also receive another design such as nurse pattern.

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