1:1 Studio (working in Gdańsk) is looking for a balance between the design process and the implementation of project ideas into production. Its name reflects its ambitions. Designers are interested in both the creation of new ideas, as well as the supervision of their implementation. The design process they consider to be terminated upon the receipt of the product on a scale of 1:1.

Studio 1:1, Designers, Design

mPosition (photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

Studio was established in 2001. Since then, it implemented a number of projects in Poland and abroad in the field of individual and serial furniture, electrical equipment, transportation, lighting, visual identity, exhibitions and more. Their clients: Roger, Flowair, Profim, Reserved,  Cropptown, House, Mohito, Rejs, Home&You, Cezos.

Sorriso (photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

To ensure the highest quality in design, they create small teams to every new order, choosing creative and dynamic designers from different industries: design, architecture, graphic design, photography, filmmaking.

Techno Lamp (photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

The most important awards:
- An independent award –  iF product design award 2013, one of the most important in the world of design for the water heater designed LEO FS, (Flowair)
- “Diamond Furniture 2013″ Statue in the category of space in the class premium contract and award “Product of the Year 2013″, organized by the magazine “Furniture Plus” for the seat Sorriso (PROFIm)
- First prize in the competition for the design of integrated position to work with a computer sitting-lying position, organized by the GOI and the company PROFIm, 2008
MPosition chair has received several awards, including “Good Design 2011″ in the competition organized by Institute of Industrial Design, “Top Design Award 2011″ in the Arena Design Competition in Poznan, “Product of the Year 2012″ awarded by the magazine “Furniture Plus”.
- 1-st prize in the competition for the permanent exhibition of stage design concept of the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk, 2008 (the project team)
- 2-nd prize in the competition for Concept and Production Design Permanent exhibition dedicated to the “Solidarity” in the European Solidarity Centre, 2006
- 2-nd prize in the competition for the design of the Permanent Exhibition Museum of the City of Gdynia, 2007

Coffee table ( photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

The most important exhibitions
- “Design.pl. Faces of Polish Design “in the National Gallery in Prague-organizer of the Pro-DESIGN.PL paździerik September-2010,
- ARENA DESIGN prize for mPosition-Top Design Award 2011, Poznan, May 2011,
- International Trade Fair for Furniture and Furnishing ORGATEC in Cologne, mPosition October 2012,
- BOAT DESIGN FESTIVAL “greeting of the Future”, mPosition October 2012

Studio 1:1, Designers, Design

Feeder for birds (photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

Studio 1:1, Designers, Design

Candlestick (photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

Studio 1:1, Designers, Design

Trash bin (photo. www.studio1do1.pl)

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