Kosmos Project is a design studio that was set up in 2006 by Ewa Bocheń and Maciej Jelski. In their cosmic portfolio we can find for example interior design of hotel rooms inspired by human body.

Kosmos Project, Designer, Design

Interior of an Art Hotel in Palermo, Italy (photo. www.kosmosproject.com)

Kosmos projects are inspired by observations of modern society and basic social phenomenons. We are playing with object’s attributes such as: function, shape, colour and material to find a new symbol for everyday use objects.

Kosmos Project, Designer, Design

Knuckle Comb (photo. www.kosmosproject.com)

Kosmos Project, Designer, Design

Radio (photo. www.kosmosproject.com)

Kosmos Project specializes in interior design, product design, exhibition design as well as graphics.
They were awarded in many competitions e.g.:
2008 │ Designboom & Macef, Beyond Silver, Italy (finalist)
2009 │ Suite d’Autore Art Hotel, Palermo, Italy (1-st prize)
2010 │ World Space Creatives Awards, Japon (2-nd prize)

Kosmos Project, Designer, Design

Interior design Secret Garden (photo. www.kosmosproject.com)

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