Alive Design Awards 2012 are awarded for the innovative and creative ability of meeting the needs of modern human.

Design Alive Awards, Events

Statues DAA 2012. (photo. Wojciech Trzcionka)

Alive Design Awards has the great environmental advantage and proves that in our country there are a growing group of designers, working in improving the quality of life. Polish designers have proved many times  that it is possible to design products and services that are both elegant and extremely useful.

Design Alive Awards, Events

Aleksandra Gaca, Maria & Helena Jacobson (doughters of Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka), Zdzisław Sobierajski, Robert Konieczny, Wojciech Szczurek (photo. Rafał Placek)

The winners:
- in the Strategist category: Wojciech Szczurek, president of Gdynia, who argues that developing the urban space and investing in the design are important. Zdzislaw Sobierajski, owner Prefekt Sobierajski, received distinction.
- in the category Animator: Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, journalist, curator and lecturer in the School of Form, who co-founded an innovative global education program for designers
- in the category Creator: Robert Konieczny, who for several years has consistently “is teaching” new typology of Polish homes

Design Alive Awards, Events

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