Modern design of Velt lamps, with its simplicity of form, harmonizes perfectly with the glass made in the traditional method of metallurgy. As a result, created lamps that fit both the classic design and modern.

Velt, Lamps, Designers, Red Dot Award, Design

Laga Lamp (photo.

Velt Lamps are beeing made by Maria Veltuzen-Nagrabecka and Leszek Nagrabecki, who for over 30 years are creating unique and functional glass. Their son – Jeremi Nagrabecki joined the family business . He is creating lamps made of sodium glass.

Velt, Lamps, Designers, Red Dot Award, Design

Leda (photo.

The Eye is a floor lamp with a lampshade on a regular, round shape, resembling the eyeball or the periscope. Its advantage is the possibility of sending the beam of light in any direction by moving the magnetic ring on the lens. With this solution, we can light up any part of the premises without the need of moving lamp.

Velt, Lamps, Designers, Red Dot Award, Design

“JU” Lamp (photo.

JU lamp has shape like a letter Ю written in Cyrillic alphabet. On transparent glass ring, as on the rail, you can move the halogen bulb. The entire ring is also removable, which allows the beam of light to be send in any direction. The light source driving on glass ring is an innovative and creative solution.

Velt, Lamps, Designers, Red Dot Award, Design

The Eye Lamp (photo.

“Laga” Lamp uses the principle of the fibre-optic cable. Icicle illuminated by hand  formed glass is hung on the transparent wire, or installed directly to the ceiling. Lamps look impressive when are hung in a group. Each lamp is unique.

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