AP Dizajn is a design studio that created Just Pen. Just Pen is a pen that can be used just with one finger.

AP Dizajn, Designers, Design

Just Pen (photo. press materials)

At the moment, there are no such products on the market, which would enable writing with one finger only. Just Pen solves problems of of users with such hand dysfunctions as the lack of a thumb or remaining fingers and all these people with limited hand motility, who are often excluded from the possibility to use standard writing tools. Product will be in sale in 1Q of 2012 in 3 sizes: large, medium and small.

AP Dizajn, Designers, Design

Hypnotic Lamp (photo. press materials)

Lamp was inspired by dahlias blossom. Its structure was geometrized and gained a three-dimensional impression.

AP Dizajn, Designers, Design

Exhibition pavilion (photo. press materials)

AP Dizajn, Designers, Design

Site development plan in Koszalin (photo. press materials)

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where do I get a just pen,had a hand injury

10 January 2015 11:28

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