The aim of the contest is to understand how to use the technology, and what it would look like. Due to its very small size, gadgets embodying this technology can be worn/carried/used 24 hours a day. You will need to explain how you will interact with it.

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Intel Future Contest (photo. press materials)

In the contest, there will be evaluated following skills:
- Ability to imagine a product or service that could exist in five years’ time or later.
- Ability to describe your idea in detail in English, in no less than 200 words.
- Ability to visualize the idea and to create an original illustration, video or animation.
- Ability to submit the idea and the visualization.

Remember: your work should be prepared in English

The contest team will select 20-30 ideas out of all contest submissions. A jury panel will then select the best ideas that will be award prizes.

Eligibility: for everyone

- Health & Wellness
- Feel Connected
- Get Things Done
- Knowledge
- Entertainment
- Environment
- Creative Expression
- Other

1st place: USD 5,000
2nd place: USD 2,500
3rd place: USD 1,500
4th-10th: non-monetary prizes such as vouchers or products (worth USD 1,000 in total)

Contest timeline:
Start of Contest: 6. November 2012 12 noon CET
End of Contest: 18. December 2012 12 midnight CET
Jury Meeting: 29. January 2013

This contest is sponsored by Intel, one of the largest Fortune 500 technology companies in the world. The Intel® Future Contest is hosted by HYVE, an open innovation company based in Munich, Germany.

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