Yes, it’s true. Beza project invented conceptual products from the mud in the Mudness collection. In Mudness collection is a handbag, flip-flops and a carpet made of mud from the lake in Boisbuchet. However you do not need worry – that mud is poured out. It is placed between the welded pieces of foil, so it does not getting outsider.

Beza Projekt, Design, Projektant

MUDNESS (photo: press materials)

Beza Project was created by Anna Łoskiewicz and Zofia Srtumiłło-Sukiennik. Definitely we can say that their designs are bold and unconventional. They are designing maliny products of short series, furniture and elements of the street furniture and also playgrounds, artistic installations.

Beza Projekt, Design, Projektant

KASZTAN (photo: press materials)

- Złoty Orzeł Prize 2011 in the Direct Mail category; Destinction in the category of Packaging Design  for the design of Milk and Honey, created at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Polish Presidency inof the EU.
- Title of the Best Project 2011 for the Milk and Honey, awarded by the FUTU magazine.
- 1-st prize for Duch Wilanowa (eng. Spirit of Wilanów) in the competition for the Toy with passion, organized by the Wilanów Palace Museum in in 2011.
- Nomination for the Separator – spatial design, Przetwory 2011.
- Award Niven by the VITRA company for the Prism during Łódź Design Festival 2009.
- Net Operating Work Award in the NIKE competition “Innovation in football” in 2005.
- Award in the Pro Deco contest organized by ELLE Decoration magazine in 2003.

Beza Projekt, Design, Projektant

NAIL TABLE (photo: press materials)

Main exhibitions:
- Passionswege Vienna Design Week 2011, The presentation of The Indoor Swing, the project designed along with the Viennese tapessier, Philipp Telliez.
- Exhibition Carnevale di Ragazzi 2011 in the Days of Polish Biennale di Venezia.
- Exhibition of design in Palermo Design Week 2009, the presentation of the stool ”Kasztan” (eng. Chestnut).
- Exhibition of Warszawa w budowie (eng. Warsaw under construction) in 2009, organized by the Museum of Modern Art.
- DMY Design Fair in Berlin in 2008.
- Participation in the Przetwory-Project Prague , the event which promoted the idea of recycling, 2008.
- An exhibition of Beza Project achievements in the Gallery Icon 2007 in Łódź.
- Exhibition of The Young Design: Designers’Open 2006 in Leipzig.
- Exhibition Blikfang in 2006 in Stuttgart. The realisation of the stool ”Kasztan”.
- Exhibition Design Mai in 2005.
- Inspired by Cologne Design Exhibition 2005 in Germany, TALENTS section.
- Folklore Design Exhibition, organized by the Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, 2004. The presentation of a toothbrush ”Ludent”.

Beza Projekt, Design, Projektant

PRISM (photo: press materials)

eza Projekt has received two nominations in 2011 in the latest edition of the Złote Orły Advertising Competition! Congratulations!

Beza Projekt, Design, Projektant

Milk & Honey (photo: press materials)

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