Dominik Lisik is a designer who graduated the Faculty of Industrial Design and Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He decided to continue his education in the scope of  architecture in London at Architectural Association School of Architecture.

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Emtech Pavilion (photo.

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Today, we’ll check what is going on in the studio of Justyna Czołnowska that became famous thanks to the project “Shameful packaging ” – packaging for condoms.

Packaging for condoms , condoms , condoms , Packaging, Dizajn, Design, Designers , Designers , Industrial Design , Justin Czołnowska

Packaging for condoms (photo )

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Barbórka Dizajn is a brand created by Barbara Turska-Knyziak. Designer focuses on upcycling – recycling of waste that results in the formation of high value products and in the same time the environment is protected.

Barbórka Dizajn, studio, design, dizajn, projektanci, wzornictwo przemysłowe, designers Design, ethno, Designers

Black Ethno series ( )

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TU TU Concept is multidisciplinary studio specializes in product creation, inner architecture, grphic design as well as project management.

TU TU Concept, design, designers

Coffee Table New Danish (photo.

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OdRzeczy is a design studio that focuses on industrial design. Their projects are combination of high quality, ergonomic and modern design.

Odrzeczy, Designers,design studio, design,

Hocki (photo.

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Maria Cichy, graduatee of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, now employee of Dutch studio Freshfiber, designs an unusually creative projects.

Maria Cichy, Organic design, iPhone, Design, Designers

iPhone Case (photo.

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MOWO studio, founded by Monika Elikowska-Opala and Wojciech Opala, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, creates innovative projects using different technologies.

Mowo studio, designers, design designers, design

So very beavery (photo.

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Mirosław Nizio studied at the faculty of Interior Design and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York at the faculty of Interior Design. He set up his own designing company in 1989, that specializes in public space projects: museums, historical expositions, exhibitions, memorials, scenography.

 Mirosław Nizio, Projektanci, Wzornictwo przemysłowe Recycling, Design, Projektanci, Dizajn

S03 proj. Mirosław Nizio (photo.

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Just within one week, between 14 and 15 of December 2013, there will be organized Preserves 8 event, which according to the idea of the DIY Move (Do It Yourself) promotes recycling things of everyday use. The idea is to convince people to creative work based on disused things and in the same time create original works.

Przetwory, event, Soho

Smooth parquet (

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Vis a Vis is a design studio founded by Anna Wojczyńska in 1991. Anna graduated the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. Studio specializes in interior design and project designs.

Vis a Vis, Design, Projektanci, Dizajnerzy, Dizajn, Architektura   Design, Projektanci, Architektura wnętrz

Summer house (photo.

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